News and updates from Longhorsley Mission

2018 Ladies Fellowship Anniversary Service – Tuesday 16th May (2.30pm) ( 22/04/2018 ) - We extend a very warm invitation to join us on this special occasion for our Anniversary service. This will be followed by Afternoon Tea in the church side hall. Speaker: Helen Hume Soloist: Win Pagan
The history of Longhorsley Mission Bible Convention (1948-2018) ( 21/04/2018 ) - The foundation year… In 1948 the Yorkshire Evangelist Harold Watson was invited to speak during a weekend at Longhorsley Mission in rural Northumberland. When mission members became aware of the interest being expressed by many people it became obvious that the Mission hall in Longhorsley would not be able to accommodate everyone. ┬áThe decision was […]
Friday Clubs ( 23/03/2015 ) - On Fridays from 6pm to 7pm children aged 4-9 years meet together in the church hall. For the first twenty minutes the children have a time of singing and a Bible story with a power point presentation. There is a break of ten minutes for refreshments. The final half hour is devoted to football on […]
Activities at Longhorsley Mission ( 23/03/2015 ) - Over the years many Mums and little ones have enjoyed sharing time together over tea, coffee and home made cakes every Tuesday. As a natural course we have seen this group change as the little ones grow up, but we have been encouraged to see many of the children go on to attend Bible Club […]